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November Criminals
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Original Title: November Criminals
Release: 2017-12-08
Genre: Drama, Crime
Subtitle: English
Plot: A teenager takes on his own investigation of a murder in Washington D.C.
Addison Schacht

Characters : Addison Schacht

Actor : Ansel Elgort


Characters : Phoebe

Actor : Chloë Grace Moretz


Characters : Fiona

Actor : Catherine Keener

Theo Schacht

Characters : Theo Schacht

Actor : David Strathairn

Alex Faustner

Characters : Alex Faustner

Actor : Tessa Albertson


Characters : Noel

Actor : Danny Flaherty

Principal Karlstadt

Characters : Principal Karlstadt

Actor : Terry Kinney

D Cash

Characters : D Cash

Actor : Cory Hardrict

Mr. Broadus

Characters : Mr. Broadus

Actor : Victor Williams


Characters : Kevin

Actor : Jared Kemp

Mike Lorriner

Characters : Mike Lorriner

Actor : Philip Ettinger


Characters : Bo

Actor : Adrian M. Mompoint


Characters : Brandon

Actor : Jimi Stanton

Mrs. Rowena Strauss

Characters : Mrs. Rowena Strauss

Actor : Pamela Lambert


Characters : Walla

Actor : Brianne Siddall

Cafe Patron

Characters : Cafe Patron

Actor : Allie Marshall

Funeral Mourner

Characters : Funeral Mourner

Actor : Leah Procito

Garden Party Guest

Characters : Garden Party Guest

Actor : London Hall


Characters : Coroner

Actor : David Boston

Police Officer

Characters : Police Officer

Actor : Mickey Gilmore

Sarah Schact

Characters : Sarah Schact

Actor : Karina Deyko

Bully / High School Student

Characters : Bully / High School Student

Actor : Dora Winifred

Car Kicker

Characters : Car Kicker

Actor : K.C. Faldasz

House Party Guest

Characters : House Party Guest

Actor : Tanja Melendez Lynch

Drug Dealer

Characters : Drug Dealer

Actor : Richard Pacheco


Characters : Officer

Actor : Joseph Oliveira

Officer N. Ball

Characters : Officer N. Ball

Actor : Noel Ramos

Drug Dealer

Characters : Drug Dealer

Actor : Hashim Lafond


Characters : Bartender

Actor : Bruce-Robert Serafin

High School Student

Characters : High School Student

Actor : Gianni Paolo


Characters : Cameraman

Actor : Michael Christoforo

Officer Graveline

Characters : Officer Graveline

Actor : Cassidy Neal

Garden Party Guest

Characters : Garden Party Guest

Actor : Elaine Victoria Grey


Characters : Teacher

Actor : Lino Tanaka


Characters : Student

Actor : Eddie Resendes

Ch. 13 News Cameraman

Characters : Ch. 13 News Cameraman

Actor : Paul Taft

PartyAttendee (BG)

Characters : PartyAttendee (BG)

Actor : Jed Griswold

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