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Original Title: Hangman
Release: 2017-12-22
Genre: Mystery, Crime, Thriller
Country: United States of America
Subtitle: English
Plot: A homicide detective teams up with a criminal profiler to catch a serial killer whose crimes are inspired by the children's game, Hangman.
Detective Archer

Characters : Detective Archer

Actor : Al Pacino

Detective Ruiney

Characters : Detective Ruiney

Actor : Karl Urban

Christi Davies

Characters : Christi Davies

Actor : Brittany Snow


Characters : Hangman

Actor : Joe Anderson

Captain Lisa Watson

Characters : Captain Lisa Watson

Actor : Sarah Shahi

Dr. Abbey Westlin

Characters : Dr. Abbey Westlin

Actor : Sloane Warren

Joey Truman

Characters : Joey Truman

Actor : Chelle Ramos

Reverend Green

Characters : Reverend Green

Actor : Steve Coulter

Peter Rorick

Characters : Peter Rorick

Actor : Michael Rose

Uniformed Officer

Characters : Uniformed Officer

Actor : Katelyn Farrugia

Uniformed Officer - Church

Characters : Uniformed Officer - Church

Actor : Edgar Zanabria

Uniformed Officer - Tactical

Characters : Uniformed Officer - Tactical

Actor : Matt Mercurio

Police Diver

Characters : Police Diver

Actor : Dwayne Boyd

SWAT Member

Characters : SWAT Member

Actor : Scott Parks

SWAT Team Leader

Characters : SWAT Team Leader

Actor : Jermaine Rivers

Eric Anderson

Characters : Eric Anderson

Actor : Garrick Parks

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A Review by KE

by KE

"Being an Al Pacino fan, I thought I would give it a look. Oh dear what a waste of time, such talent, such a shame !!"


A Review by Gimly

by Gimly

"Tries to echo the crime thriller/mysteries in pursuit of a theatrical serial killer like _Se7en, Zodiac or The Bone Collector_. But it fails. It feels very much as if _Hangman_ intended to take one direction, but ran out of time or was forced to go in a worse direction. It's not complete garbage, but it is bogged down by a very awkward bit of copaganda in the middle, among other problems. _Final rating:★★ - Had some things that appeal to me, but a poor finished product._"

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