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Thank You for Your Service
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Original Title: Thank You for Your Service
Release: 2017-10-26
Genre: Drama, War
Country: United States of America
Subtitle: English
Plot: A group of U.S. soldiers returning from Iraq struggle to integrate back into family and civilian life, while living with the memory of a war that threatens to destroy them long after they've left the battlefield.
Adam Schumann

Characters : Adam Schumann

Actor : Miles Teller

Saskia Schumann

Characters : Saskia Schumann

Actor : Haley Bennett

Billy Waller

Characters : Billy Waller

Actor : Joe Cole

Amanda Doster

Characters : Amanda Doster

Actor : Amy Schumer


Characters : Tausolo "Solo" Aieti

Actor : Beulah Koale

Michael Adam Emory

Characters : Michael Adam Emory

Actor : Scott Haze


Characters : Alea

Actor : Keisha Castle-Hughes

Sergeant James D. Doster

Characters : Sergeant James D. Doster

Actor : Brad Beyer


Characters : Dante

Actor : Omar J. Dorsey


Characters : Bell

Actor : Kate Lyn Sheil

Jake Schumann

Characters : Jake Schumann

Actor : Hunter Burke


Characters : Tracey

Actor : Erin Darke

Linda Sanders

Characters : Linda Sanders

Actor : Allison King


Characters : Jay

Actor : Dennis L.A. White

Patty Walker

Characters : Patty Walker

Actor : Deneen Tyler

Receptionist at a Veterans Affairs Office

Characters : Receptionist at a Veterans Affairs Office

Actor : Jayson Warner Smith

Private Chris Kyle Jr.

Characters : Private Chris Kyle Jr.

Actor : Sean P McGoldrick

Will's Mom

Characters : Will's Mom

Actor : Kerry Cahill

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A Review by Svumpukkel85

by Svumpukkel85

"Well acted effort from the main characters, and a fine script for this biography film. When you have PTSD you are stuck in time. And the feeling of being stuck and unable to escape the situation, is accurately described in the psychological struggle of the veterans. Trauma rips you out of your safe reality, where you have grown up with dreams, goals, and appreciation of the small good things in life. Every one of these things has been destroyed in a blink of an eye for these soldiers. Now their life is put in a pause-mode, where they relieve the trauma feeling over and over and over again. And it eats them away, until they realize they has to deal with it. The fight is not direct as in war, but they now have to fight for their sanity in a society that stigmatizes PTSD. Their commanding officer belittles PTSD and the soldiers that had committed suicide. The healthcare is scarce or completely absent. And the bureaucracy makes it almost impossible to get help. This happens all the while their mental health is deteriorating and their family life is falling apart... No wonder a lot of veterans give into suicide! Trauma is grim, horrifying and leaves you more scattered than ever. It is a state of confusion, helplessness and horror. Most people will experience trauma and PTSD during their lives, not just veterans. But many, comfort themselves with the thought that it wont happen to them. The effect of trauma is very difficult to understand, and therefore difficult to treat. Therefore it is of utter importance that films like these are still being made, and stories like these is told, until we get better to understand, treat and comfort everyone that experience trauma. Even yourself."

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