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Original Title: Hostiles
Release: 2017-12-22
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Western
Country: United States of America
Subtitle: English
Plot: A legendary Native American-hating Army captain nearing retirement in 1892 is given one last assignment: to escort a Cheyenne chief and his family through dangerous territory back to his Montana reservation.
Captain Joseph J. Blocker

Characters : Captain Joseph J. Blocker

Actor : Christian Bale

Rosalie Quaid

Characters : Rosalie Quaid

Actor : Rosamund Pike

Chief Yellow Hawk

Characters : Chief Yellow Hawk

Actor : Wes Studi

Sgt. Charles Wills

Characters : Sgt. Charles Wills

Actor : Ben Foster

Lt. Rudy Kidder

Characters : Lt. Rudy Kidder

Actor : Jesse Plemons

Black Hawk

Characters : Black Hawk

Actor : Adam Beach

Master Sgt. Thomas Metz

Characters : Master Sgt. Thomas Metz

Actor : Rory Cochrane

Elk Woman

Characters : Elk Woman

Actor : Q'orianka Kilcher

Corporal Henry Woodson

Characters : Corporal Henry Woodson

Actor : Jonathan Majors

Private Philippe DeJardin

Characters : Private Philippe DeJardin

Actor : Timothée Chalamet

Lieutenant Colonel Ross McGowan

Characters : Lieutenant Colonel Ross McGowan

Actor : Peter Mullan

Minnie McCowan

Characters : Minnie McCowan

Actor : Robyn Malcolm

Corp. Tommy Thomas

Characters : Corp. Tommy Thomas

Actor : Paul Anderson

Col. Abraham Biggs

Characters : Col. Abraham Biggs

Actor : Stephen Lang

Cyrus Lounde

Characters : Cyrus Lounde

Actor : Scott Wilson

Jeremiah Wilks

Characters : Jeremiah Wilks

Actor : Bill Camp

Corporal Molinor

Characters : Corporal Molinor

Actor : Stafford Douglas

Buffalo Man

Characters : Buffalo Man

Actor : David Midthunder

Hatchet Face

Characters : Hatchet Face

Actor : Dicky Eklund Jr.

Sgt. Paul Malloy

Characters : Sgt. Paul Malloy

Actor : Ryan Bingham

Living Woman

Characters : Living Woman

Actor : Tanaya Beatty

Virgil Lounde

Characters : Virgil Lounde

Actor : Luce Rains


Characters : Muny

Actor : Scott G. Anderson

Sutler (uncredited)

Characters : Sutler (uncredited)

Actor : Christopher Hagen

Derby (uncredited)

Characters : Derby (uncredited)

Actor : Rod Rondeaux

Wesley Quaid

Characters : Wesley Quaid

Actor : Scott Shepherd

Lucy Quaid

Characters : Lucy Quaid

Actor : Ava Cooper

Sylvie Quaid

Characters : Sylvie Quaid

Actor : Stella Cooper

Middle-Aged Apache Man

Characters : Middle-Aged Apache Man

Actor : Gray Wolf Herrera

Capt. Royce Tolan

Characters : Capt. Royce Tolan

Actor : John Benjamin Hickey

Little Bear

Characters : Little Bear

Actor : Xavier Horsechief

Fort Winslow Lance Corporal

Characters : Fort Winslow Lance Corporal

Actor : Austin Rising

Outlaw - Buffalo Hunter

Characters : Outlaw - Buffalo Hunter

Actor : Boots Southerland

Silas Lounde

Characters : Silas Lounde

Actor : Brian Duffy

Ezekiel Lounde

Characters : Ezekiel Lounde

Actor : Richard Bucher

Butte Train Conductor

Characters : Butte Train Conductor

Actor : James Cady

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