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Twin Peaks
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Original Title: Twin Peaks
Release: 1989-12-31
Genre: Drama, Mystery
Country: United States of America
Subtitle: English
Plot: Standalone version of the series pilot with an alternate, closed ending, produced for the European VHS market.
Special Agent Dale Cooper

Characters : Special Agent Dale Cooper

Actor : Kyle MacLachlan

Sheriff Harry S. Truman

Characters : Sheriff Harry S. Truman

Actor : Michael Ontkean

Shelly Johnson

Characters : Shelly Johnson

Actor : Mädchen Amick

Bobby Briggs

Characters : Bobby Briggs

Actor : Dana Ashbrook

Benjamin Horne

Characters : Benjamin Horne

Actor : Richard Beymer

Donna Hayward

Characters : Donna Hayward

Actor : Lara Flynn Boyle

Audrey Horne

Characters : Audrey Horne

Actor : Sherilyn Fenn

Dr. Will Hayward

Characters : Dr. Will Hayward

Actor : Warren Frost

Norma Jennings

Characters : Norma Jennings

Actor : Peggy Lipton

James Hurley

Characters : James Hurley

Actor : James Marshall

Big Ed Hurley

Characters : Big Ed Hurley

Actor : Everett McGill

Pete Martell

Characters : Pete Martell

Actor : Jack Nance

Leland Palmer

Characters : Leland Palmer

Actor : Ray Wise

Jocelyn Packard

Characters : Jocelyn Packard

Actor : Joan Chen

Catherine Martell

Characters : Catherine Martell

Actor : Piper Laurie

Laura Palmer

Characters : Laura Palmer

Actor : Sheryl Lee

Nadine Hurley

Characters : Nadine Hurley

Actor : Wendy Robie

Dr. Lawrence Jacoby

Characters : Dr. Lawrence Jacoby

Actor : Russ Tamblyn

Leo Johnson

Characters : Leo Johnson

Actor : Eric DaRe

Eileen Hayward

Characters : Eileen Hayward

Actor : Mary Jo Deschanel

Deputy Andy Brennan

Characters : Deputy Andy Brennan

Actor : Harry Goaz

Mike Nelson

Characters : Mike Nelson

Actor : Gary Hershberger

Deputy Tommy 'Hawk' Hill

Characters : Deputy Tommy 'Hawk' Hill

Actor : Michael Horse

Sarah Palmer

Characters : Sarah Palmer

Actor : Grace Zabriskie

George Wolchezk

Characters : George Wolchezk

Actor : Troy Evans

Dwayne Milford

Characters : Dwayne Milford

Actor : John Boylan

Biker Scotty

Characters : Biker Scotty

Actor : Rodney Harvey

Johnny Horne

Characters : Johnny Horne

Actor : Robert Davenport

Sylvia Horne

Characters : Sylvia Horne

Actor : Jan D'Arcy

Lucy Moran

Characters : Lucy Moran

Actor : Kimmy Robertson

Harriet Hayward

Characters : Harriet Hayward

Actor : Jessica Wallenfels

Maj. Garland Briggs

Characters : Maj. Garland Briggs

Actor : Don S. Davis

Betty Briggs

Characters : Betty Briggs

Actor : Charlotte Stewart

Maria Pulaski

Characters : Maria Pulaski

Actor : Roberta Maguire

Ronnette Pulaski

Characters : Ronnette Pulaski

Actor : Phoebe Augustine

Father Hutchings

Characters : Father Hutchings

Actor : Frank Roberts


Characters : Joey

Actor : Brett Vadset

Gilman White

Characters : Gilman White

Actor : David Wasman

Margaret Honeycutt

Characters : Margaret Honeycutt

Actor : Jane Jones

Dr. Shelvy

Characters : Dr. Shelvy

Actor : Tawnya Pettiford-Wates

Alice Brady

Characters : Alice Brady

Actor : Shelley Henning

Mrs. Jackson

Characters : Mrs. Jackson

Actor : Dorothy Roberts

Girl Singer

Characters : Girl Singer

Actor : Julee Cruise

Sven Jorgenson

Characters : Sven Jorgenson

Actor : Arnie Stenseth


Characters : Heidi

Actor : Andrea Hays

Janek Pulaski

Characters : Janek Pulaski

Actor : Rick Tutor

Janice Hogan

Characters : Janice Hogan

Actor : Marjorie Nelson

Max Hartman

Characters : Max Hartman

Actor : Ben DiGregorio

Hotel Employee

Characters : Hotel Employee

Actor : Diane Caldwell

The Log Lady

Characters : The Log Lady

Actor : Catherine E. Coulson

One-Armed Man

Characters : One-Armed Man

Actor : Al Strobel

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