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Accident Man
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Original Title: Accident Man
Release: 2018-02-05
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Country: United Kingdom
Subtitle: English
Plot: Mike Fallon, the Accident Man, is a stone cold killer. When a loved one is murdered by his own crew, Fallon is forced to avenge the one person who actually meant something to him.
Mike Fallon

Characters : Mike Fallon

Actor : Scott Adkins

Big Ray

Characters : Big Ray

Actor : Ray Stevenson

Charlie Adams

Characters : Charlie Adams

Actor : Ashley Greene


Characters : Mick

Actor : Michael Jai White


Characters : Mac

Actor : Ray Park

Jane The Ripper

Characters : Jane The Ripper

Actor : Amy Johnston


Characters : Milton

Actor : David Paymer

Finicky Fred

Characters : Finicky Fred

Actor : Perry Benson

Leonard Kent

Characters : Leonard Kent

Actor : Nick Moran

Carnage Cliff

Characters : Carnage Cliff

Actor : Ross O'Hennessy

Triad Biker

Characters : Triad Biker

Actor : Tim Man

Young Fallon

Characters : Young Fallon

Actor : Leon Finnan

Beth Carpenter

Characters : Beth Carpenter

Actor : Brooke Johnston

Poison Pete

Characters : Poison Pete

Actor : Stephen Donald

Atal Zim

Characters : Atal Zim

Actor : Ravi Aujla

Archie Rudd

Characters : Archie Rudd

Actor : Stu Small


Characters : Romeo

Actor : Aaron Thomas Ward

Fran Adams

Characters : Fran Adams

Actor : Brittany Ashworth


Characters : Masseuse

Actor : Martyn Ford


Characters : Swordmaster

Actor : Roger Yuan


Characters : Yuppie

Actor : Lee Shone


Characters : Vor

Actor : Lee Charles

Mr. Cullum-Kenyon

Characters : Mr. Cullum-Kenyon

Actor : Duncan Casey

Gangster Boss

Characters : Gangster Boss

Actor : Jag Patel

Skinhead's girlfriend

Characters : Skinhead's girlfriend

Actor : Toni Beard

Bottle Skinhead

Characters : Bottle Skinhead

Actor : Marcus Shakesheff

Zim's Bodyguard

Characters : Zim's Bodyguard

Actor : Dan Styles

Romeo's Gang Member

Characters : Romeo's Gang Member

Actor : Kerrieanne Booker


Characters : Kate

Actor : Clara Perez


Characters : Spence

Actor : Jamie Long


Characters : Protester

Actor : Jackson Kai


Characters : Protester

Actor : Ekran Mustafa

Estate thug

Characters : Estate thug

Actor : Sonnyboy Skelton


Characters : Rocker

Actor : Mark Sears

Romeo's Gang Estate Thug

Characters : Romeo's Gang Estate Thug

Actor : Hannah Banks


Characters : Dekka

Actor : Peter Stanford


Characters : Rocker

Actor : Simon Maroulis

The Vicar

Characters : The Vicar

Actor : Jonathan Spodofora

Funeral Mourner

Characters : Funeral Mourner

Actor : Lee Byford


Characters : Bethany

Actor : Natasha Rose Mills


Characters : Kickz

Actor : Akash Prasad

Kneecap Skinhead

Characters : Kneecap Skinhead

Actor : Matt Routledge

Clive Car Owner

Characters : Clive Car Owner

Actor : Lee Bagley

Crackhead 1

Characters : Crackhead 1

Actor : Tiago Silva

Protest Security Guard

Characters : Protest Security Guard

Actor : Harry Wills

Concerned man

Characters : Concerned man

Actor : Taylor Tay

Stonewash Skinhead

Characters : Stonewash Skinhead

Actor : Chris Kenyon


Characters : Husband

Actor : Andrew Barton

Passer by

Characters : Passer by

Actor : Ellen Rix


Characters : Wife

Actor : Amy Liette Hunter

Fat Skinhead

Characters : Fat Skinhead

Actor : Mackenzie Thorpe

Poison Pete Victim (uncredited)

Characters : Poison Pete Victim (uncredited)

Actor : John Whitby

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