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Dirty Dead Con Men
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Original Title: Dirty Dead Con Men
Release: 2018-03-30
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Country: United States of America
Subtitle: English, Pусский
Plot: A cool and dangerous neo-noir crime film that revolves around the disturbed lives of two unlikely partners: Mickey Rady, a rogue undercover cop and Kook Packard, a smooth and charismatic con man. Together they rip off those operating outside of the law...for their own personal gain. But things go awry when one heist suck them deep into a city-wide conspiracy...
Kook Packard

Characters : Kook Packard

Actor : Peter Dobson

Mickey Rady

Characters : Mickey Rady

Actor : Kevin Interdonato


Characters : Donna

Actor : Claudia Christian

Agent Daniels

Characters : Agent Daniels

Actor : Louis Mandylor

Det. Rick

Characters : Det. Rick

Actor : Chris Caldovino

Aveline Packard

Characters : Aveline Packard

Actor : Kristen Dalton

Art McCoy

Characters : Art McCoy

Actor : Hawthorne James


Characters : Eve

Actor : Ione Butler


Characters : Connor

Actor : Brandon Heitkamp


Characters : Isabella

Actor : Erin O'Brien


Characters : Lori

Actor : Amanda Clayton


Characters : Lenny

Actor : Chriss Anglin


Characters : Shane

Actor : Michael Thomas Wallace

Natalie Rady

Characters : Natalie Rady

Actor : Erin Raftery


Characters : Chris

Actor : Chris Bound

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by Mullahey Gayman

Great, since I signed up the video goes smoothly. audio 10 and video 10, Thanks Bro."

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