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Hubert & Staller
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Title:Hubert & Staller
Genre: Crime
First Air Date: 2011-11-02
Last Air Date: 2018-03-21
Seasons Number: 7
Episodes Number: 114
Runtime: 45 min
Subtitle: English, Danish, Suomi, Swedish, Arabic, French, Spanish
Plot: A show about two Bavarian police officers, Franz Hubert and Johannes Staller, who sometimes work a bit differently. Where Franz wants to follow regulations, Johannes likes to do things his own way.

Characters : Yazid

Actor : Hannes Ringlstetter

Martin Riedl

Characters : Martin Riedl

Actor : Paul Sedlmeir

Polizeiobermeister Franz Hubert

Characters : Polizeiobermeister Franz Hubert

Actor : Christian Tramitz

Sabrina Rattlinger

Characters : Sabrina Rattlinger

Actor : Carin C. Tietze

Pathologin Dr. Anja Licht

Characters : Pathologin Dr. Anja Licht

Actor : Karin Thaler

Polizeirat Reimund Girwidz

Characters : Polizeirat Reimund Girwidz

Actor : Michael Brandner

Barbara Hansen

Characters : Barbara Hansen

Actor : Monika Gruber

Polizeimeisterin Sonja Wirth

Characters : Polizeimeisterin Sonja Wirth

Actor : Annett Fleischer

Polizeiobermeister Johannes Staller

Characters : Polizeiobermeister Johannes Staller

Actor : Helmfried von Lüttichau

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A Review by Mullahey Gayman

by Mullahey Gayman

Great, since I signed up the video goes smoothly. audio 10 and video 10, Thanks Bro."

A Review by Carideo

by Carideo

This is a movie which you dare not miss, because if you miss this one you are never going to see another. Be prepared for one last lovely beautiful and thrilling ride ahead of you, that's well worth your time and memories."

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