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Original Title: Penitentiary
Release: 1979-12-01
Genre: Action, Drama
Country: United States of America
Subtitle: English
Plot: A hitchhiker named Martel Gordone gets in a fight with two bikers over a prostitute, and one of the bikers is killed. Gordone is arrested and sent to prison, where he joins the prison's boxing team in an effort to secure an early parole and to establish his dominance over the prison's toughest gang.
Sweet Pea

Characters : Sweet Pea

Actor : Wilbur 'Hi-Fi' White

Martel 'Too Sweet' Gordone

Characters : Martel 'Too Sweet' Gordone

Actor : Leon Isaac Kennedy

Eugene T. Lawson

Characters : Eugene T. Lawson

Actor : Thommy Pollard

Linda (as Hazel Spear)

Characters : Linda (as Hazel Spear)

Actor : Hazel Spears

Jesse Amos

Characters : Jesse Amos

Actor : Donovan Womack

Hezzikia 'Seldom Seen' Jackson (as Floyd Chatman)

Characters : Hezzikia 'Seldom Seen' Jackson (as Floyd Chatman)

Actor : Floyd 'Wildcat' Chatman


Characters : Peaches

Actor : Gloria Delaney

'Half Dead' Johnson

Characters : 'Half Dead' Johnson

Actor : Badja Djola


Characters : Poindexter

Actor : Cepheus Jaxon

Lying Latney Winborn

Characters : Lying Latney Winborn

Actor : Dwaine Fobbs


Characters : Cheese

Actor : Ernest Wilson

Magilla Gorilla

Characters : Magilla Gorilla

Actor : Will Richardson

Nut #1

Characters : Nut #1

Actor : Elijah Mitchell


Characters : Mook

Actor : Tony Andrea

Lieutenant Arnsworth

Characters : Lieutenant Arnsworth

Actor : Chuck Mitchell

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