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My Golden Life
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Title:My Golden Life
Genre: Drama, Family
First Air Date: 2017-09-02
Last Air Date: 2018-03-11
Seasons Number: 1
Episodes Number: 52
Runtime: 60 min
Subtitle: English, Danish, Suomi, Swedish, Arabic, French, Spanish
Plot: Seo Ji Ahn, a former rich girl, was forced to be her family's breadwinner after her father's bankruptcy. She is now a contractual employee and living her life with restrained emotion. The drama chronicles her struggles to find new meaning and happiness in life.
Seo Ji-An

Characters : Seo Ji-An

Actor : Shin Hye-sun

Choi Do-Kyung

Characters : Choi Do-Kyung

Actor : Park Shi Hoo

Sun Woo-Hyuk

Characters : Sun Woo-Hyuk

Actor : Lee Tae-hwan

Seo Ji-Tae

Characters : Seo Ji-Tae

Actor : Lee Tae-sung

Yang Mi-Jung

Characters : Yang Mi-Jung

Actor : Kim Hye-ok

Characters :

Actor : Choi Jeong-woo

Seo Tae-Soo

Characters : Seo Tae-Soo

Actor : Cheon Ho-jin

Seo Ji-Soo

Characters : Seo Ji-Soo

Actor : Seo Eun-Soo

Choi Jae-Sung

Characters : Choi Jae-Sung

Actor : Jeon No-min

No Myung-Hee

Characters : No Myung-Hee

Actor : Na Young-hee

Seo Ji-Tae

Characters : Seo Ji-Tae

Actor : Lee Tae-Sun

Seo Ji-Ho

Characters : Seo Ji-Ho

Actor : Shin Hyun-Soo

Sun Woo-Hee

Characters : Sun Woo-Hee

Actor : Jeong So-yeong

Kang Nam-Goo

Characters : Kang Nam-Goo

Actor : Choi Gwi-hwa

Kang Nam-Goo

Characters : Kang Nam-Goo

Actor : Park Joo-hee

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A Review by Mullahey Gayman

by Mullahey Gayman

Great, since I signed up the video goes smoothly. audio 10 and video 10, Thanks Bro."

A Review by Carideo

by Carideo

This is a movie which you dare not miss, because if you miss this one you are never going to see another. Be prepared for one last lovely beautiful and thrilling ride ahead of you, that's well worth your time and memories."

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